Really remarkable, so beneficial and enlightening – Dr. David Moore

Morgan has a gift of being able to scan the body, and work from there – Dr. Aine Tuberty

Morgan is a very gifted therapist – Kathy BatesActress

Highly recommended – Glen HansardMusican / Actor

I had chronic knee pain for about a year , attended plenty physiotherapists with no success. After Morgan’s work am pain free and no need for the MRI . Am back training and coaching alot . Amazed and Delighted – Alan KellyFormer owner Gentlemen Please – Blackrock

Both hip replacement and knee surgery were cancelled after seeing this man – Client due for surgery aged 74

Quite honestly the best therapeutic massage I’ve got – Fiona O’MahoneyOccupational Therapist

I would recommend this type of massage to everyone. I have never experienced one like it and I get a lot of them. – Andrea Maloney

Anyone who is suffering from back, shoulder or neck tension for whatever reason needs to book an appointment with Morgan! I had a deep tissue massage  for a very tense and troublesome back. Morgan was my therapist and he was excellent, explained what he was doing and why and the result was amazing. The relief was incredible and the difference in my back and shoulders afterwards was amazing. I plan to do two more treatments over the next two weeks and then go once a month to prevent my back ever getting into the bad state it was. NW

I recently had an amazing experience thanks to the generosity of a very good friend of mine. I was and still am working through a difficult period in my life where niggling aches and pains along with general tension and muscle tightness had become the daily norm rather than the exception. Fatigue and lack of energy were commonplace for me! A deep tissue massage with Morgan has proven quite miraculous. The treatment itself was unlike any I’d ever had before. Morgan, my therapist, was attentive, caring and very professional, if a bit quirky. I had no real expectations but he explained the more ‘open’ I was to the treatment the better the results for me. He talked to me at times during the massage checking that I was ok and offering me assurances that made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I was literally able to put myself in his hands and let go. It was a really different experience and the following day I felt amazing. . . I had none of the now all too familiar aches and discomforts. As the days passed my energy levels were definitely up and my general disposition was certainly ‘sunnier’. Ten days later I still feel great like as if I’d been wearing a very tight pair of shoes forever and then took them off . . . The relief is amazing! I’ve booked another session as recommended and I can hardly wait. By the way this is the first time I’ve ever posted a review but the experience was too good not to share! Barbara Mc Caul

Morgan offers a complete, thorough effective massage that is deep — physically and emotionally. Surprised and delighted by immediate effectiveness. AliThe Star newspaper

Excellent therapist. I will be recommending him to all my friends and will be back myself – Cathy Patton

Morgan thank you for your powerful session yesterday. I feel a lot better and had a full nights sleep. You are a magnificent healer and i appreciate your work – Aoibheann Doyle

Received a massage from Morgan. The Treatment was excellent and way surpassed my expectations. He had a huge amount of knowledge to bring home in relation to my general health and well being – Deirdre Murphy

Informative and professional, I’m a quality supervisor, this was quality service – Hilary Rowe